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Common Copier Leasing & Purchasing Mistakes: A Guide to Avoiding Mistakes

Copiers have become an integral part of many businesses. They are usually necessary for producing documents that require many copies, such as work orders or contracts. Copier leasing and purchasing can be tricky, so here is a guide to help you avoid the most costly pitfalls! Whether you’re looking for copiers in Los Angeles or any other city across the country, this article will give you some great advice on how to get started with your research process.

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Purchase vs Lease

Many people assume that leasing a copier is the best choice because it’s cheaper and can be updated frequently. This may be true in some cases, but when you rent one machine for three years, you’ll end up spending way too much money due to monthly payments on top of repair costs and other fees. For large companies with high volumes that need constant updates, leasing might make sense; however, most businesses are better off purchasing a copy machine instead!

If you’re starting or have a small business with less than 50 employees, purchasing will probably end up being your best option. Buying the copier outright means you won’t be locked into monthly payments for years and can also save on equipment costs by getting one that has a lower price point.

Misunderstanding the Contract

When buying or leasing a copier, it’s essential to understand what you’re getting into. Common mistakes can occur during the contract negotiation process and end up costing your business money, such as not knowing how many pages are being printed monthly or year-round versus just a few at certain times of the year. There are copier leasing and purchasing mistakes that companies make when negotiating their contract. Common ones include a lack of understanding about the type of machine, what it does or how to use it. This may lead to not getting what you need in your contract, resulting in higher costs for you down the road. It is important to know exactly what functions your company needs to be included in any negotiation conversations with potential vendors. The best way to do this is by starting early on by looking at all possible options before making decisions – then narrowing them down as needed based on budget and other factors like space available.”

Contract Negotiation Mistakes:

– Not Knowing How Many Copies Per Month You Print

– Lack of Understanding Total Cost Vs Monthly Lease Payments

– Thinking Buying Means Owning It Forever With No Exit Strategy

Many businesses make these common errors when negotiating their copier contracts – make sure yours doesn’t!

Black and White or Colored?

Sometimes, companies have to weigh if they want to get a black and white printer or a colored one because of costs. The cost of black and white printers are less expensive but companies may find that the black and white printer doesn’t fulfil their needs for all types of print pieces such as color copies or presentations with charts in them. To avoid this pitfall, knowing the needs of your employees will help in choosing the right copier for your business and it will also help with your future costs.

Buying One or Buying More?

In many cases, companies find themselves trying to decide if they should get one copier or more. Factors that can help with this decision are how much the company prints daily and the size of their office space. The rule of thumb for determining whether you need one or more copiers in your workplace is two copies for every 100 employees.

People are often eager to purchase a piece of new equipment before thinking about what it will take to use it properly, like training staff members who would be using the device all day long, so they know how to utilize its features best. Training also helps prevent mistakes from happening, which may lead to costly repairs!

Buying or leasing a copier shouldn’t be hard. There are many options out there for you to choose from; the key is knowing what type of model will suit your needs and budget best before making any commitments.