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5 Types of Copiers: How to Differentiate Each One

It is critical to understand the printers and copiers you plan to use in your office, business, or important matters. Most people knew only the term “multifunction,” and that’s it. However, there are many different types of copiers on the market with other specifications, needs, and functions. As a result, buyers should know how to select a copier appropriately.

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There are five main types of copiers: Desktop Copiers, Multifunctional Copiers, Network Copiers, Mono Copiers, and Color Copiers. 

The types of copiers above will depend on your requirements for a copier machine. For instance, the copiers you will choose are determined by the number of copies you need to make, the expected print quality, demand for a specific feature of functions, and so on. 

Keep on reading as this article will define, differentiate, and look at how each printer can be an advantage. 

  1. Desktop Copiers

Desktop copiers are the best ones if you have more basic and simple requirements for a copier machine. For instance, even though you make a lot of prints and copies, you don’t need a mobile device feature to be able to make your work anywhere, or you don’t need to use complicated paper sizes. 

Desktop printers are multifunctional printers perfect for any desk because they are compact and small. They perform the same way as any other multifunctional printers; however, they only use an A4 or smaller paper sizes.

  1. Multifunctional Copiers

Multifunctional Copiers, also known as, All-in-one copiers, can do much more than copying or printing. Aside from the essential functions of copy, print, fax, and scan, they also have the ability to connect to the internet, which allows connecting to any network and print anytime, anywhere. 

Some of its additional functions also include scanning to email, scanning to USB, WSD, FTP, or access to wireless connections. Because of how advanced and various features these printers have, it’s perfect for businesses that do more than just print, such as printing brochures, instructional materials, handbooks, etc. 

  1. Network Copiers

Network copiers are one of the must-buy printers because of how technologically advanced they are. One of its features is remote printing, wherein they can be linked to the office network to print remotely, PC faxing, and even attain high scan capabilities.

Like any other multifunctional printer, it also comes in a built-in network card, has it as an optional extra, or buys it separately. When you buy this printer, you should expect that every employee in your office can connect to the copier network for ease of use and productivity. 

  1. Mono Copiers

Mono Copiers, also known as black and white copiers, are printers that produce monochrome copies. These printers are recommended to businesses, officers, or anything that doesn’t require color prints because mono copiers only use black toners. 

Mono copiers are flexible, starting with various sizes, price range, low volume to low-volume, and rate of speed. If you’re looking for high-volume and fast-paced mono copiers, the basic one can print approximately 150 pages per minute.

  1. Color Copiers

As the name implies, color copiers can produce colored prints of documents. These colors are possible because they use four different color toners: black, cyan, yellow, and magenta. Color copiers are the standard copiers used in offices because they’re simple, serve various functions, and even produce black-and-white prints. 


Now that you have a better grasp of the different types of copiers, it’s time for you to decide which type, brand, and specifications to choose. What better plan to do that than consult with the top printer and copier supplier, like us! We have experts, technicians, and consultants to help you choose the best brand and model.