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7 Ways to Protect Printing and Copying Machines

Having a printing and copying machine makes our jobs easier. However, do you know that a printer and copier also need maintenance and protection, just like any other device? What should we do to protect the printing and copying machines? What happens when the printing and copying machines are not well protected? If printing and copying machines are not well protected, this will cause trouble in our business. If not maintained, these machines will break down, resulting in our work not getting done on time, and worst, it will cost us a lot of money. No one wants that to happen. So, what should you do? Don’t fret yet; we’re here to help you. We’ve listed seven ways to protect your printing and copying machines.

1. Do a Regular Cleaning

All printing and copying machines need proper and regular cleaning. How do you clean a copier and printer? First, you need to turn it off and unplug it before cleaning it. You can clean it using a soft towel or a paper cloth. You can use Isopropyl alcohol with a 70% concentrate solution to wipe only the surfaces of the devices that the users usually touch. Do NOT use water, oil-based cleaners, or any kind to clean your printing and copying machine, as they can damage the device. Never spray directly onto the machine; spray the alcohol to the towel first before wiping it to the surface. To avoid contamination, always use disposable gloves when cleaning.

2.Check for any ink spillage

When you see any ink spillage after using the printer and copier, immediately clean it to prevent causing permanent damage to the device’s components. The longer the spilled ink stays on the surface, the harder it can be removed. To prevent more damage than good, ask an expert on how to fix the problems with your printing and copying device.

3.Replace Ink Cartridges Regularly

Always check for the ink cartridges. Please don’t wait for it to dry up completely before replacing it. If the cartridge is left unattended, it will start to print and copy in lousy quality. Your documents might come out blurry or smudged. Also, don’t forget to replace paper if necessary to avoid getting a toner residue coming through on your documents.

4.Keep The Dust Away

After use, always clean it with a soft dry towel to wipe out any dust particles. Keeping any dust particles away from your printer and copier will prevent them from clogging and breaking down. Make sure that your machines are placed in a clean and dry area to avoid getting affected by dust and humidity.

5. Have a backup of every color installed

Ensure that you have at least two printers with every color installed on each printing and copying device. If one printer gets broken or one cartridge becomes low, you can easily change it without any hassle. It will also save you time in getting your work done.

6.Turn It Off When Not In Use

Printing and copying machines are susceptible, so always turn them off when no one uses them. This will help you use it for a more extended period, and it will also help you save energy.

7. Firmware, Settings, and Access Control

You might think that protecting your printing and copier machine is only about cleaning and replacing ink cartridges. Well, that’s not true at all because protecting printing and copying machines also requires us to protect their firmware and access controls. Like any other devices, our printer and copier need protection for their firmware and settings to prevent hacking incidents. You don’t want your documents to get hacked, so having cybersecurity firms can prevent you from any malicious activity like accessing your data. It can also help you with firewall calibration. Having access to control the printer and copying machine is another way to protect it. It prevents us from stopping unauthorized parties from using our printers and copiers.

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There are several reasons why our printing and copying machines need protection. These machines are costly to repair and purchase new, so to avoid spending a lot of money, you should know how to maintain and protect them regularly. It is better to know safety measures than to lose tons of money.